Updates: Meeting of the ADDU Corporation and Board. February 11, 2012

The ADDU Corporation and Board of Trustees met last Saturday morning from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. Among its highlights:

• In my address to the Corporation and to the Board of Trustees, I described the ongoing renewal in the university that was emerging from the earlier approval of the Vision and Mission Statement of the University that itself emerged from the “Shared Passion, Shared Mission” workshop in Eden last May 22-16 in Eden. This has been complemented by a series of echoing workshops in Eden, that has contributing bringing all on board in this renewal. In this manner the Vision Mission is not just a statement. Participants reach inward to their own personal passion or soul resonating (or not resonating…) with the Vision-Mission or “soul” of the University. This is perhaps the most important process unfolding at the ADDU today. Very perceptible in this renewal are the new activity in research and relevant (=controversial) outreach activities “from the center of the University.”

• The presentation by Architect Christopher Ong of the revised building plans for the Jacinto Campus. Fr. Provincial Jojo Magadia, S.J. had asked that the approved pricey convention center be removed from the plans since its operation, including its risks, was not integral to the vision-mission of the university. He also asked that the general plans be downsized in order to be able to conserve more of ADDU’s resources into an endowment fund for ADDU.

The downsized plans now envision a twelve-story Community Center cum University Chapel facing Roxas Blvd., and a Multi-Purpose Sports and Assembly Bldg. The community center will house an elevated plaza, a floor for student study, four floors for faculty and the Academic Vice President and Deputy Academic Vice President, a floor for research, a floor for outreach, a floor for university guests, a floor for the Jesuit Community, and restricted floor for archives or special displays. The separate Sports and Assembly Building will have an elevate plaza, two floors of parking (to accommodate 300 cars when fully operated), four basketball courts and a stage – expandable in the future by three mezzanine floors. Between the two buildings there will be a swimming pool. Fr. Provincial has approved these plans, and he has brought them to Rome to present to Fr. General for his approval. If they are approved, I am hoping that we can commence construction in the summer break.

• The approval for ADDU to implement K-12 beginning SY 2012-13. Fr. ADDU, this will mean that this coming school year, all incoming first graders will be told they will need 12 years of basic education in order to qualify for the ADDU College, and all first year high school students will be told that they need six years more of basic education to reach college. At ADDU we will implement the additional two years to Basic Education through a Career Academy, the first year of which is common work, but the second year of which shall lead the students either to work immediately after graduation or to various college courses based on CHED newly-published “College Readiness Standards.” My thanks to Dr. Gina L. Montalan for her presentation of these plans to the Board and to the entire team planning our K-12 implementation headed by our AVP Dr. Jessie Manuta.

• The approval of the MA in Tropical Risk Management. This formally approves the work being conducted by our Tropical Institute for Climate Studies (TropICS) in developing local governments, as in South Cotabato, for risk and disaster management.

• The approval of the MA in Anthropology. Under Dr. Leah Vidal, we have assembled an impressive array of experts in anthropology – the study of culture – for this graduate program. Since ADDU as a Jesuit University appropriates the mission of the Society of Jesus – the service of the Faith, the promotion of Justice that Faith impels, sensitivity to culture(s), and inter-religious dialogue – it shall now be offering graduate anthropology. This is especially important within the rich cultural diversity of Mindanao. At ADDU cultures will be appreciated specially in their relationship to environment.

• With strong recommendation from the Search Committee, the appointment of Atty. Arlene L. Cosape, DPA, as Dean of the School of Business and Governance for a term of three years. Our thanks to Dr. Danny Te for his many years of service to the ADDU as Dean of SBG.

• The re-appointment of Ms. Suzette D. Aliño as Headmaster for the Grade School for another term of three years.

• The approval of the budget for SY-2012-13 based on a 6% increase in tuition and a 6% increase in the energy fees. There will otherwise be no increase in fees.

• The approval of the purchase of the 10,200 sqm. “Yamson property” practically adjacent to our Matina campus. Presuming the approval of the Frs. Provincial and General, we will acquire this to build out the sports facilities of the Matina campus, etc. Already, the High School has requested that its swimming pool be built here in order to preserve the high school area from its expected noise; we will also study how the property may be used for an auditorium for basic education. We will also be able to use this to construct more football fields.


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  1. Annette says:

    GOD BLESS this project!:-)

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