ADDU Board of Trustees Update. 11.8.12

The Ateneo de Davao University Board of Trustees held its regular August meeting in the Conference Room of the ADDU High School, Matina, last Saturday, August 11. The meeting in the Matina campus allowed members of the Board to appreciate the rubberized runners’ track, the new Grade School Swimming Pool, the new faculty work area of the High School, the new HS faculty lounge, and the new HS satellite canteen. But, as can be appreciate from the resolutions, it was a historic meeting,

P r e s i d e n t ‘ s R e p o r t

After the usual preliminaries, the President’s Report included the following:

—the Food Poisoning Incident during the special Sunday “Gathering” of ADDU student leaders on “ADDU Leadership Sui Generis” on July 29.

—a statement that the approved text revising of the Articles of Incorporation to include the Vision-Mission statement had been submitted to the Sdcurities and Exchange Commission for action.

—feedback stating the “Policy on ADDU Public Advocacy Statements and Current Public Concerns” had been disseminated and well received. Fr. Joel explained how this policy is already affecting advocacy practice at ADDU.

—the University Celebration of the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola on Juloy 30, including the blessing of the GS Swimming Pool and the University Mass and Program.

—an Invitation to support the A-1 Scholarship Fund Drive (“One peso a day for the rest of your lives!”).

— the nearly-completed revision of the Administrative Manual.

— efforts to promote “ADDU Leadership Sui Generis” and the establishment of the ADDU Leadership Center.

— the ongoing implementation of K-12 at ADDU.

—efforts to integrate varsity sports with the ADDU Vision-Mission and on the first Student Athletes’ General Assembly (SAGA).

—ongoing promotion of Ignatian Spirituality at ADDU and the upgrading of the Office of the Deputy Academic vice President (DAVP) into the Ignatian Spirituality and Formation Office (ISFO);

—further efforts to promote cultural sensitivity, inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue through the Al Qalam Institute, through the Masters’ Course in Anthropology, and the establishment of the Mateo Ricci Mandarin Program.

—progress in Human Relations and Development Management through the creation of the highly-skilled, multi tasking “Administrative Associate” and appointment of 41 staffers to this designation. This included plantilla positions which had been filled by agency workers and contractual workers regularly rehired.

—efforts at further rationalization of IT services of the university.

—the creation of the ADDU Institutional Promotions Office.

—the participation by Fr. Principal Michael Pineda, S.J. in the world gathering of heads of Jesuit secondary schools in Boston, USA.

—further reports on Instruction, Research and Service to the Community and Advocacy at ADDU.

—under Physical Plant, the blessing of the GS Swimming Pool; readiness to construct the Matina Parking Building as soon as the City of Davao permits; the acquisition of the 1.2 ha. Yamson property near the Matina Campus; the demolition of the Jacinto Jesuit Residence, Chapel, and Covered Courts in preparation for the construction of the Community Tower and Sports and Assembly Building one the City of Davao approves the project; the renovations in the High School which include the renovated laboratories, the new teachers’ area, the faculty lounge, and the satellite canteen for students.

R e s o l u t I o n s

Among the resolutions passed by the Board were:

—that the GS Swimming Pool be named in honor of Fr. Rudy Malasmas, S.J. This was on recommendation of the Grade School Headmaster Suzette Aliño, faculty and staff.

—that in response to the manifest need of members of the ADDU employees for housing, the 90,761 sq.m. Catalunan Grande ADDU property, donated in 1978 by Mr. Pedro Galvez, be used “for a housing project primarily to benefit employees of Ateneo de Davao University, on condition that its income for ADDY allow purchase of a similar site for further housing development.” This is in response to 239 (90.2%) of 256 ADDU employees surveyed by the Social Research Training and Development Office (SRTDO) who expressed their interest in availing of housing in this project.

—that in this context Fr. President be authorized to explore a relationship with Realty Investments, Inc. (RII) to develop the Catalunan Grande Property for this purpose, subject to the further approval of the Board. Mr. Vitaliano Nañagas, President of RII was on hand to introduce the firm to the Board; Mr. Pat Villano presented positive prospects for the project based on the SRTDO survey.

—that Fr. President be authorized to negotiate the “Terms of Reference for Ateneo de Davao” in the context of the offer of Tomas Lorenzo, President of Lapanday Properties Philippines, Inc. (LPPI), to donate five hectares of property and 25 million pesos for a new ADDU campus in its “Ciudades” Development in Buhangin District, North Davao, and submit this to the Board for approval.

— in the context of the shared responsibility of the ADDU as Jesuit University for the mission of the Jesuit conference of Asia Pacific through the Philippine Province SJ, approval of collaboration of the ADDU School of Education with the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) and the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Language Institute (SAG) in raising educational capability in Myanmar.

—the officers of the Corporation were determined with Mr. Manual Orig as Chair, Mr. Benjamin Lizada as Vice Chair, and Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J., as President, and Ms. Venus Rosello as Secretary. Mr. Manual Orig is also the chair of the Finance and Physical Plant Committee.

Following the meeting, the Board toured the new facilities in the Matina Campus and dined in the new HS Faculty Lounge.


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One Response to ADDU Board of Trustees Update. 11.8.12

  1. Exhausted reading the resolutions. “Historic” indeed. And judging by the construction ongoing and the construction on the horizon, your rep as having an Edifice Complex lives on. You didn’t even mention the Samal retreat enclave: is that for next year’s bag of treats? LOL! Well, I pray God gives you the support you need, and the energy to see it through… and many years of healthy life to see it to completion. Well done!

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