One Year After His Murder, Still No Justice for Fr. Pops

On the first Death Anniversary of Fr. Pops Tentorio, PIME, of Arakan, I reproduce the statement of Fr. Peter Geremia, PIME, Co-Convenor of the Justice for Fr. Pops Movement, with deep sadness. And shame. We recall this day not only the murder of a man of God and defender of our poor and Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao against mining activities and the landgrabbing of agro-business; we also recall the ineptitude of our law enforcers in investing and prosecuting his murder. No lasting peace in Mindanao is possible unless it is based on justice.


(Arakan , October 15, 2012)

As we remember the killing of FR. FAUSTO “POPS” TENTORIO, PIME on October 17 last year, we are seeking to revive Justice and to heal the wounded Peace.
Those who planned to kill Pops wish to kill or deny Justice to him and to all victims of injustice. Those who were given responsibility to carry out justice and refuse or fail to do so – even those who refuse to testify out of fear, become accomplices in the crime.
Peace is like a sensitive lover, wounded and deceived again and again, who can be consoled and healed only by the faithful embrace of Justice.
How many persons close to Pops are still wounded and crying out for justice and Peace…
Even the perpetrators and the accomplices cannot find Peace because they remember the victim while awake or in their dreams. After one year we are still searching for Justice and Peace. We pray for Justice and Peace because we believe that God can move the hearts of the most hardened criminals and the most corrupt or ineffective officials. When Jesus entered Jerusalem and many people were shouting “HOSANNA”, some Pharisees asked Jesus to tell them to stop shouting!!!. Jesus replied. I tell you, if they were to keep silent, the stones would cry out”. Luke 19: 39-40 #
Justice for Fr. Fausto ‘Pops’ Tentorio Movement
c/o Haran House, Fr. Selga St., Davao City
 +63 82 273 2669 +63 82 299 4964

Justice for Father Pops
Justice for Fr. Pops

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