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On Mothers’ Day, 2013

This Sunday, the Church recalls the Ascension. Monday, the Nation goes to the polls. Despite all the media focus on the latter, we still celebrate Mothers’ Day. The celebration of the Ascension is a celebration of triumph: “God mounts his … Continue reading

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Disqualifying CMO 46 s. 2012 For Genuine Quality Assurance

[Text of CEAP Ad in PDI, May 6, pg A14] Disqualifying CMO 46 For Genuine Quality Assurance: CEAP Position on CHED”s Outcomes- and Typology-Based Quality Assurance The Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Memorandum Order No. 46, s. 2012 (CMO 46) … Continue reading

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In Keeping the Faith, Peace!

My intention is merely to unpack some of the rich content in today’s reading from the Gospel of St. John (14:23-29). I will focus on four points. First, the declaration of Jesus: “Those who love me will keep my Word, … Continue reading

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The Lethal Bomb in CMO 9 s. 2013

I have worked with the poor for many years. I have learned: if you want them to pay their debts, which are usually many, the debts they owe you must be among their top priorities. That is certainly the case … Continue reading

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