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Christmas in Our Hearts

Among my favorite songs of my friend, Joe Mari Chan, is his “Christmas in our Hearts,” rendered unforgettably with his beautiful daughter, Liza.  For me it was not only the heartwarming interplay between father and daughter singing of  “girls and … Continue reading

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The Dawn from on High

[Homily: Simbang Gabi, ADDU GS Chapel, Matina.  Dec. 24, 2013.  5:30 a.m.] On the final day of Simbang Gabi – there is always a special joy.  For those who have come to all of the Simbang Gabi Masses, the joy … Continue reading

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Simbang Gabi: Beyond Reason

[Homily. First Day of Simbang Gabi, 2013.  Chapel of the Assumption, ADDU] In the whole liturgical year, this is perhaps my favorite Mass.  Why?  Perhaps because it is so irrational, yet beloved.  Because it is so unnecessary, yet compelling.  Because … Continue reading

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Aligning QA and School Competitiveness

[Address to Concurrent Session of FAPE Convention:  Education Leadership for Global Competitiveness and Sustainability:  Responding to the Challenges of ASEAN 2015.  Dec. 3, 2013] The topic assigned to me is “Aligning Quality Assurance (QA) and School Competitiveness” within the context … Continue reading

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