In Support of the Comprehensive Agreement Bangsamoro

[A series of Tweets in support of today’s historic signing of the Comprehensive Agreement Bangsamoro in Malacañan.]

We rejoice in the signing today of the Comprehensive Agreement Bangsamoro and pray it lead to lasting peace in Mindanao and in the Philippines.

Let us recall: the Muslims were never conquered, never hispanized nor Christianized by the Spaniards.

Let us honor the Muslim struggle against Spanish rule and honor Muslim heroes like Sultan Kudarat.

The Spaniards had never defeated the sovereign sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao and the Moros of Mindanao.

After the Philippine declaration of independence and signing of the Malolos Constitution, the Americans stole independence from the Filipinos.

Let us recall: the sovereign sultanates of Maguindanao and Sulu were sold by Spain to the Americans though not Spain’s to sell.

Let us honor the valiant resistance of the Moros to American Rule in defense of their sovereignty, religion and culture.

Let us rue the brutality and massacres through which the Americans subdued the Moro struggle to defend their tradition and cultures.

Let us not honor in statues and parks the Americans who massacred Muslim Filipinos.

Let us admire the protracted struggle of the Bangsamoro people for their religion, culture, and traditions.

The 1904 American victory vs the Moros of Jolo at Bud Dajo, Jolo, was an American military atrocity that would today violate Intl. Humanitarian Law.

The Moros fought to the death for their customs, culture and religion in the 1913 Battle of Bud Bagsak, Jolo.

Let us recognize and rejoice in the Bangsamoro consent today to being Filipinos.

Let us recognize their Muslim culture and traditions as Muslim Filipino.

Let us repair injury done to the Muslim people and Lumads thorough the Colonization Act of the Commonwealth Government.

The Colonization Act used migration to harness the timberlands and agriculture of Mindanao and prevent American monopoly, but it injured Mindanawons.

Let us rue the  Muslim-Christian violence and killing wrought by private armies in the absence of effective governance in Mindanao.

Let us renounce inter-Mindanawaon violence in such as the Ilagas, the Blackshirts and the Barracudas.

Let us bow our heads in shame at the Jabiddah Massacre, and ask the Filipinos Muslims for forgiveness for this ignominious act.

Let us revisit Marcos’ renunciation of the Sabah claim and allow this to be settled by international law.

Let the Bangsamoro People develop in autonomy from the Manila government which subordinates the interests of the Bangsamore to those of Manila.

Let us understand why some Filipino Muslims called for independence, but rejoice in their acceptance of being Filipino in autonomy.

Let us support the Peace Process.  No more war!  No more war!







About Joel Tabora, S.J.

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One Response to In Support of the Comprehensive Agreement Bangsamoro

  1. pliptos69 says:

    I grew up as a child in kabacan, Cotabato not minding the noise from the barrels of guns and cannons in the early 70’s. I saw how the dead “blackshirts” killed by the military and the “ilaga” being displayed in front of our municipal hall. As a child, it has no meaning for me but the images of these brutal killings are still fresh in my mind up to this time. I strongly agree… NO MORE WAR! NO MORE WAR!
    philip santos

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