Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


Philippine Province Roadmap 2016 Page 1


The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, in its desire to be faithful and constant in answering the Call of the Eternal King (SpEx 91-98), in preparing for General Congregation 36 to renew Jesuit life and mission, and in heeding the calls and challenges of Pope Francis —

  • to promote new evangelization (Evangelii Gaudium, 2013),
  • to care for the earth (Laudato Si, 2015),
  • and, particularly to the Philippine Province during his visit to the Philippines in January 2015, to go to the poor and the peripheries,

and recognizing the priorities of the Universal Society of Jesus, especially those of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP), to give special attention to Myanmar, East Timor, and Cambodia,

will direct greater apostolic focus, preference, resources, and energies to Mindanao, particularly to the following specific conditions and communities in Mindanao:

  • the continuing poverty and marginalization of peoples, specifically the most impoverished among the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and Muslim communities;
  • the pervasive military conflicts between Government and rebel groups in many areas, which inflict violence on the IPs, cause massive displacement

    Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


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    (i.e., internally-displaced peoples or IDPs), generate threats of extremist involvement, especially among the youth, and create further impoverishment and suffering;

  • the threatened ecological processes (like food production, water supply, climate and disease control) from the degradation of its natural environment and its vulnerability to uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, both of which are integral to sustaining the cultures and lives of IPs; and
  • the continuing struggle of the entire region of Mindanao for lasting peace and reconciliation based on authentic and inclusive human development, rectifying centuries of historical injustice and promoting the intra- and inter-faith dialogue that is integral to New Evangelization.
    [see Annex A: Mindanao Situationer]

The Philippine Province commits itself to more strategic, creative, collaborative, dialogical, and effective apostolic work

  • for peace in Mindanao, and for its sustainable and inclusive development;
  • and, specifically, for communities in the peripheries or margins in Mindanao.


  1. We in the Philippine Province have a long history, tradition, and presence in Mindanao, and this Roadmap sustains this commitment, and responds to the urgent and critical challenges that Mindanao faces in the current situation.
    [see Annex B: Jesuit Presence in Mindanao]
  1. We will harness and maximize our current apostolic presence and impact in Mindanao through our three universities, one diocesan seminary, one mission district (composed of parishes, schools, retreat house and IP ministry), and one environmental science institute.
  1. We will pursue our strategies in collaboration and partnership internally, among our Province ministries, and externally, with the local Church (dioceses, parishes, religious congregations) and other organizations (other faith communities, NGOs, people’s organizations, civil society, business, local and national government, etc.). We recognize long-standing and successful mission works of groups like the Oblates (OMIs and ONDs), Claretians, Marist brothers, PIME

    Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


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    fathers, Redemptorists, the many religious sister congregations (e.g., RVM, MA, RGS, MSM, RSM, MMS), seminaries (e.g., REMASE), dioceses and archdioceses, pastoral organizations (e.g., Mindanao Sulu Pastoral Conference or MSPC), Gawad Kalinga, Synergeia and others. Through this mode of partnership we will guard against attitudes that tend to be self-referential, grandiose, and messianic, as if believing we can pursue this Roadmap alone. We will build and nurture friendships centered on common missions.

  1. We will strategize how the “Center” (Manila) and the “peripheries” in Mindanao can work together toward this direction through mutually enriching and transforming relationship In the same manner, our works in Naga, Cebu, Palawan, and Iloilo will also contribute to our apostolic goals in Mindanao.
  1. We will continue discernment and conversation on the implications of this Roadmap for our ministries and apostolates across the Province, and for the formation of ou This does not mean immediate disengagement from works not covered by the Roadmap; nor does it imply relocating works to Mindanao. We will continue discerning the need for prioritization and focus, making difficult choices, allocating needed resources and Jesuit manpower, continuous listening and consultation, and renewal of personal vocation and community life. The Roadmap is not perfect and complete, and it will be a living and evolving document that will guide the mission of the Province. The implementation of the Roadmap will be guided by this spirit of openness and communal discernment every step of the way.


  1. [STRENGTHEN OUR MINDANAO INSTITUTIONS AND WORKS] – Strengthen our existing institutions in Mindanao, particularly in their works for and with the peripheries in Mindanao (IPs, Muslim communities), and in their works in the intellectual apostolate and leadership formation
    • 1.1 Ateneo de Davao University: education; senior high school for IPs (Tboli); Al Qalam Institute; Islamic Studies program; Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue; creation of Salaam Student Movement (Muslim- Christian student movement oriented to peace and service [to address threat of extremism]), etc.
    • 1.2 Ateneo de Zamboanga University: education; work with IPs (Subanen, Yakan, Sama); creation of Salaam Student Movement; work with IDPs; engagement with city and region for stability, peace, and progress; peace advocacy and interreligious dialogue, etc.

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    • 1.3 Bukidnon Mission District: Parishes: Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Cabanglasan), St Therese of the Child Jesus Parish (Miarayon), Our Lady Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Parish (Zamboanguita); Schools: Pangantucan Community High School, Fr Leoni Memorial School (Cabanglasan), St Therese School of Miarayon, St Isidore High School (Zamboanguita), St Isidore School of Agricultural Technology (Zamboanguita); Retreat Ministry: Jesuit Retreat House – Malaybalay; Indigenous People Ministry: Jesuit IP Ministry in Bukidnon
    • 1.4 Environmental Science for Social Change: forest and water resource assessment, management, and training; ancestral domain management and processes; culture-based education; indigenous teacher training; culture and ecology; disaster risk and vulnerability reduction; peace process.
    • 1.5  St John Vianney Theological Seminary: local clergy formation
    • 1.6  Xavier University: education; work with IPs; disaster risk reduction and management; sustainable agriculture and rural development; research and social outreach for the marginalized, etc.

IMMEDIATE STEPS FORWARD: These Province institutions will identify how the Province (both at Province level and at the level of Province institutions and communities) can help them in their works for the peripheries and for the intellectual and formation ministries. A structure composed of the heads of these institutions will be formed to plan and manage the implementation of components of the Roadmap.

  1. [EXPLORE NEW COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVES] – Explore, establish, and support new collaborative initiatives
    • 2.1.      The Inter-Ateneo Coordinating Mechanisms and Protocols for Internally-Displaced Peoples and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management led by the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB), for Mindanao crisis situations related to the environment and displacement of peoples due to conflicts
    • 2.2.      New collaborative initiatives led by the Mindanao Conversations Executive Committee, like the following, which have already been started:
      • 2.2.1. Research center for Mindanao economy (through the Joint Ateneo Institute for Mindanao Economics) and training of young economists for service in Mindanao

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      • 2.2.2. Policy advocacy that works for legal and structural reform, particularly in the following priority issues: Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), Mining Act, Freedom of Information, Electoral Reforms
      • 2.2.3. Promotion of economy for wealth creation and equitable distribution through coordinating group of Colleges of Business and Management of Jesuit universities
      • 2.2.4. Promotion of Islamic micro finance (e.g., expansion of Sharia-compliant microfinance in Bangsamoro)
      • 2.2.5. Promotion and adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises for diverse religious groups (and use of the St Ignatius Spirituality Center in Samal Island)
      • 2.2.6. Formation of IP Leadership Center in Makilala, Cotabato
      • 2.2.7. Promotion of inter- and intra-faith dialogue on various levels through immersion and volunteer programs (e.g., Madaris Volunteer Program)
      • 2.2.8. Promotion of a Mindanao athletic network for leadership and peace (through the Universities and Colleges Athletics Association of Mindanao and its Mindanao Peace Games)
      • 2.2.9. Promotion of a leadership model for Mindanao, and the formation of such leaders
      • 2.2.10. Other proposed Centers, Institutes, Projects
        (see Annex C: Possible Projects Proposed by the Mindanao Conversations Executive Committee)
    • 2.3.      Support the works of other partners: Mindanao bishops and dioceses; NGOs like Synergeia and Gawad Kalinga for education work with ARMM schools; work of the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) with IDPs in Lanao del Norte and Maguindanao; works of other religious congregations
    • 2.4.      Expand and hasten the achievement of targets under the JHEC and JBEC collaborations that will strengthen the institutions in Mindanao
    • 2.5.      Establish sub-university level, mutually beneficial partnerships between like and complementary departments, offices, and centers in Mindanao and those outside of Mindanao, especially for works that would directly respond to the specific conditions and communities mentioned in the General Direction above.
      • 2.5.1. Faculty and scholars from Luzon and Visayas schools to engage in research, exchange programs, lectures, and visits in Mindanao institutions

        Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


        Page 6

      • 2.5.2. Training in Mindanao local government units on leadership and governance, disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM), climate change adaptation (CCA), and other concerns for the environment and sustainable development
    • 2.6.      Identify short and long term collaborations with the local Church, other congregations, and other friendly institutions in Mindanao for Jesuit institutions in and out of MindanaoIMMEDIATE STEPS FORWARD: The Commission on Ministries shall establish mechanisms of exchange of information between institutions in Mindanao and those outside to facilitate identification of convergences. All Province-wide networks (e.g., SJSA, Formators Colloquium, Theology) shall articulate how they will align their plans and directions to the Roadmap. The Commission on Ministries and the MC Execom will continue implementing what the latter has started, and study the feasibility of those that have been proposed.
  2. [STRATEGIZE SUPPORT FOR MINDANAO] – Strategize how non-Mindanao based Province works can support and get themselves involved in (1) and (2)Aside from (1) and (2) above, other possible points of engagement are:
    • 3.1.      Formators, counselors, spiritual directors, theologians from CEFAM, CIS, Emmaus Center, UGAT, San Jose Seminary, LHS, and others in the Province increasing their work for and with Mindanao based formators, counselors, spiritual directors, campus ministers, and schools of theology (e.g., Saint Alphonsus’ Theological and Missiological Institute or SATMI)
    • 3.2.      Advocacy of Mindanao issues (e.g., BBL, mining, killing of IPs) at the national level, and in other regions where the Province is present; legal assistance and peace promotion in conflict areas
    • 3.3.      Pairing or twinning of basic education units with parochial schools (e.g., provision of books, teacher-training)
    • 3.4.      Pairing or twinning of urban parishes with Mindanao rural parishes

      Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


      Page 7

      IMMEDIATE STEPS FORWARD: All institutions and communities in the Province will be asked to identify areas or points of entry and engagement based on proposals in Strategy 1, 2, and 3 above.

  3. [BUILD AWARENESS AND CAPABILITY] – Engage in awareness-raising, immersion, and capability building activities on the Mindanao situation and realities to be participated in by our Jesuit formands, members, lay mission partners, constituencies and networks; to be done in the spirit of journeying together with peoples and communities of Mindanao, and fostering mutually-beneficial engagements
    • 4.1.      Continuing information, education and communications on Mindanao
    • 4.2.      Mindanao as venue for service learning programs of students in Luzon and Visayas, and Asia Pacific
    • 4.3.     Exposure trips in Mindanao (for both Jesuit and lay constituencies) to understand the scope, diversity, and depth of Mindanao people, culture, and situation
    • 4.4.      Capability building and development of expertise in Muslim engagement and IP work (e.g., interreligious dialogue, multiculturality)
    • 4.5.      Jesuit formands to be exposed more to Mindanao realities during different stages of their formation
    • 4.6.      Explore possible Jesuit insertion communities in Mindanao
    • 4.7.      More systematic preparation of Jesuits to be missioned in Mindanao
    • 4.8.      Researches on Mindanao, like ensuring the integration of right perspectives on Mindanao history and culture (e.g., rectifying historical injustice and prejudice against Muslims and IPs) in textbooks; research on Church and NGO development initiatives in Mindanao
    • 4.9.      Foster counter-contribution and assistance of Mindanao institutions, personnel, expertise and resources to non-Mindanao institutions
      • 4.9.1. Expertise on skills and capabilities, for example, in agriculture and rural development, disaster risk reduction and

        Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


        Page 8

        management, or on the peace process, may be shared by Mindanao personnel with institutions in Luzon and Visayas

      • 4.9.2. Knowledge and expertise on history, dynamics, and issues of Mindanao, Muslim communities and indigenous peoples may be shared by Mindanao resource persons with institutions in Luzon and Visayas
      • 4.9.3. Researches, publications, creative products made in Mindanao may be disseminated to non-Mindanao institutionsIMMEDIATE STEPS: Province planning for info-ed-communication (IEC) on Mindanao; Province Formation Commission to strategize formands’ exposure and deployment in Mindanao
  4. 5. [STRENGTHEN PROVINCE IMPLEMENTATION MECHANISMS] – Create and strengthen Province support and enabling mechanisms to implement the Roadmap
    • 5.1.      The Provincial shall be the main coordinator and champion of the Roadmap
    • 5.2.      The Provincial shall appoint a Province Planning Officer who will assist him in the implementation of the Roadmap
    • 5.3.      The Commission on Ministries will be the main Province structure that will help the Provincial manage the implementation of the Roadmap. It will work closely with the Mindanao Conversations Executive Committee, particularly in the implementation of Strategy (2)
    • 5.4.      Alignment of funds and fund-raising will be undertaken as required by Roadmap componentsIMMEDIATE STEPS: Consolidation and finalization of Roadmap by May 2016; Commencement of Roadmap by 15 May 2016, the Feast of Pentecost; Design programs to facilitate reflection on and ownership of the Roadmap across the Province (communities, institutions, ministries) and its partners and constituencies (e.g., Boards of Trustees); Plan details for implementation (targets, indicators, measures)



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Page 9

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.13.11 PM





D.1.  Interventions to improve basic education in Muslim Mindanao

D.2.  Public-Private Partnerships in IP schools

D.3.  Technical and Vocational Senior High School for Out-of-School Youth

D.4.  Capability Trainings for Madrasa Teachers

D.5.  Capability Trainings for Bangsamoro Student Leaders

D.6.  Higher Education Distance Learning for the Bangsamoro

D.7.  Establishment of an Islamic University

D.8.  School of Living Traditions of Panditas

D.9.  Institute for Participatory Governance in the Bangsamoro



Philippine Province Roadmap 2016


Page 10

D.10.   Adopt-a-Community for business incubation, Shariah finance, environmentally-friendly businesses

D.11.   Center for Mindanao Migrants

D.12.   Center for Normalization in the Bangsamoro

D.13.   Music for Peace

D.14.   Jesuit Communications in Mindanao

D.15.   Center for Sustainable Urbanism in Mindanao

D.16.   Special Apostolate for the Sama Dilaut


[1] This Philippine Province Roadmap is the distillation of the following series of meetings, consultations, and conversations across the Province:

  1. The meetings of the Province Commission on Ministries from 2013 to the present;
  2. The Mindanao Conversations, from the first meeting in Davao in December 2013 to the subsequent meetings and activities led by the Mindanao Conversations Executive Committee, whose members are composed of representatives from all Province Mindanao institutions and Ateneo de Manila University;
  3. The Province Forum in August 2014 in Cagayan de Oro attended by superiors, directors of work, and lay partners is mission;
  4. The Meetings of the Superiors and Directors of Work, and Province Extended Consult in March and August 2015
  5. The consultations and conversations in local Jesuit communities and ministry clusters during the Year of Discernment, from April 2015 to the present



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