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On the Spirituality of St. Ignatius

[Homily: ADDU Chapel of the Assumption, Mass for participants of “A Night with St. Iggy”, Feast of St. Ignatius, July 31, 2016] On the Feast of St. Ignatius, I would like to share something of Ignatian spirituality with you. I … Continue reading

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Human Rights and 1.3 M Victims of Illegal Drugs

I share the concern of pastors and human rights advocates for the lives of people being killed in the government’s “war on crime.” The life of an innocent person killed in a law-enforcement operation is an undeniable catastrophe; nothing can restore … Continue reading

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Iftar on Leilatul Qadr, the Night of Power

  [Address to the ADDU Muslim Community and the members of Salaam – reconstructed from my notes.] After the wonderful “opening salvo” dance of the Ateneo Sidlak Performing Arts Collective (ASPAC), which I appreciated very much for its ethnic richness, … Continue reading

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