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The Child in the Manger

[Homily:  Christmas Midnight Mass, ADDU Chapel of the Assumption, 2017] Finally this long-awaited day has come.  The Church begins its official wait for this day from the first day of Advent, four weeks ago.  But the Philippines bypasses Advent and … Continue reading

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The Dawn from on High

[Homily:  9th day, Simbanggabi, 24th, Martinez Sports Center, ADDU, December 2017] With what more beautiful words can we end our nine-day Simbanggabi experience than these from the Canticle of Zechhariah? In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from … Continue reading

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Love is Made Flesh

[Homily: Simbanggabi, Dec 20, 2017] On the fifth day of our Simbanggabi we are at the midpoint of our nine-day novena of dawn Masses. But I think it can also be said that on this day we recall the absolute … Continue reading

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In Time and at the End of Time: the Lord

[Homily: ADDU Pre-Christmas Mass, Dec. 15, 2017] We come together in the spirit of the Advent season. That spirit is a spirit of preparation. It prepares for the second coming of the Lord. The Lord comes at the end of time. … Continue reading

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Of Contractual Relations and Giving Without Counting the Cost

[President’s Remarks: ADDU Service Awards, 2017] It is my privilege to add my personal word of congratulations to all the service awardees celebrating 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and even 35 years of service at the ADDU in the Grade … Continue reading

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