Prayer in Solidarity with the Bangsamoro


Almighty Father, we come before You in this crucial moment of our country’s history. For too long, peace has been elusive in Mindanao.  Christians have fought Muslims; Muslims have fought Christians.  Filipinos have fought Filipinos.  For too long, too many have suffered; too many have died.   

We come to you now, on this day of possible peace, seeking your intervention in the elements of life You have created.  

In water, may our hearts and minds be cleansed.  May You wash us from whatever blinds us to understanding the plight of others, especially our Moro brothers and sisters.  

In earth, we recall how we are created.  We are molded from the dust of the earth. Yet we are your masterpieces, Loving Creator.  Grant us the grace to recognize the beauty of each human being regardless of status, tribe or creed.

In fire, we recall your warmth, your power, your energy; ignite all our hearts in the unifying Fire of your Spirit that we may be one in our diversity and diverse in our unity. 

In air, we recall the breath of your life.  In this breath you sustain us.  Inspire us in life to give life to others in all that we do.

Recalling your presence in water, earth, fire and air, we implore you: give us lasting peace and harmony in Mindanao.  Grant that through the outcome of the plebiscite on the Bangsamoro Organic Law our Muslim brothers and sisters in Mindanao may be granted the structures of autonomy and self-determination they deserve under our one Flag and one Republic. 

We pray that the voters cast their votes responsibly in their respective precincts, free of any undue influence.  We pray that their votes express only their commitment to solidarity with all and social justice for all.

Father of Reconciliation, may the outcome of the plebiscite lead us closer to one another in Mindanao on Your pathway to lasting peace!

All these we ask though Your Most Holy Name.  Amen.


About Joel Tabora, S.J.

Jesuit. Educator
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