Continued Prayer for Peace

fr joel salaam 2

We continue to pray for peace in Mindanao, Lord,
conscious that the journey to lasting peace shall be long and arduous.

We thank you for the plebiscite in the Muslim areas of Mindanao
which voted overwhelmingly in favor
of Bangsamoro autonomy and self-determination.
We pray that you bless the Bangsamoro.
May they use their autonomy responsibly
towards unprecedented prosperity, social justice and peace.

In this context we pray for the victims of the bombings
in the Catholic Cathedral of Jolo yesterday [last Sunday] morning.
They were killed in and outside your House, Lord.
They were killed praying for peace, Lord, or defending your peace.
May they now rest in your eternal Peace.

We pray that the peace that we seek together with the Bangsamoro for Mindanao
not be thwarted by those who reject religious diversity and Philippine democracy
and seek to impose their will on others through violent extremism.
We pray for them, Lord, that they may be converted from their violence
and brought to the path of peace.
We pray that peace and prosperity in Mindanao
be achieved in full respect for the diverse religious beliefs of
Christians, Lumad and Muslims living together under one Philippine flag.

This we pray trusting in your love for us all, Father,
and in your Son, the Prince of Peace,
who comes to bring us life, life to the full.



About Joel Tabora, S.J.

Jesuit. Educator
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