Prayer for a Leader on the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

st iggy's day 2019

May you be awed by the surprise and purpose of your life.

May you be confused by sin, and be blessed with true remorse for your sins.

May you be stirred by the compassion of the Father who forgives you through his Son.

May you be touched by the love through which you are forgiven from the Cross.

May you be moved gazing at the Lord gazing at you from the Cross.

May you appreciate how you have responded to this love, how you are responding to it now, and how you ought to respond to it.

May this response move you to accept an invitation to work with Jesus serving the poor, the excluded, the victimized, the ignorant, the youth, the human being, the common good of the human community, that is, the Kingdom of God necessarily now on earth.

In observing, working with, and walking with Jesus, may your friendship with him grow in intimacy.

May it deepen through an inner appreciation of the dark torture of the Cross and the healing glory of the Resurrection.

In appreciating that
against darkness, God’s light overcomes,
against selfishness, God’s generosity endures,
against sin, God’s compassion prevails,
against the world, God’s Kingdom comes,
may you find God in all things.

In this joy, may you be a wild horse
tamed by Jesus
who comes to bring us life, life to the full.

About Joel Tabora, S.J.

Jesuit. Educator
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