Thank you for your generosity and for More Together


Thank you for accepting our invitation to dinner last Saturday evening to consider how you might help our beloved Ateneo de Davao University!   Accepting this invitation, you already helped contribute significantly to its A-1 Scholarship Fund for gifted students.

It was an evening were we dined together, enjoyed the singing of the ADDU Chorale, the instrumentals of the ADDU Repertory Company, and the award-winning dancing of the ADDU Sidlak Performing Arts Collective.

It was also an evening during which we looked back over the last eight years with gratitude.  We are grateful for what has been achieved through our many construction projects.  But we are more grateful for the unity we now enjoy in our shared resolve to implement the ADDU Vision and Mission.  We are a Jesuit, Catholic and Filipino University serving Mindanao.  We participate in the Father’s work of reconciling humanity with himself, human beings with each other, and humanity with creation.  We strengthen the faith; we promote humane humanity.  We engage in inter-cultural and interreligious dialogue in Mindanao.  We respond to the needs of the Bangsamoro and Lumad communities.  We create wealth;  we distribute it equitably.  We are dedicated to lifelong learning.  We treasure our relationship with our alumni and alumnae.  Our mission is part of the educational mission of the Society of Jesus and of the Catholic Church.  Ultimately, it is God’s mission. _MG_4224

We have achieved much without fundraising.  The times, however, demand that we now raise funds:  to guarantee access to our quality education through scholarships, to attract, sustain and develop competent faculty, to improve our facilities, to implement our Ignatian spirituality activities, to enable our outreach activities.

Through my assistant for fundraising, Ms. Gracielle Tubera, we gave you an idea of how ADDU can be helped today.  The presentation was bold and unabashed, a map of giving opportunities to fit the generosity the Lord inspires in every donor.   “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9:7); at the same time, after Jesus saw a certain widow putting in two mites, he said, “Truly, I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all the rest; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty has put in all she had” (Luke 21:2-4).  St. Ignatius suggests we ask the Lord to teach us how to be generous.

It is in this spirit that we appeal for your generosity.  God measures generosity not in pesos and centavos, but in the manner in which your generosity reflects his own.  It is not true that you must give until it hurts; it is true you are invited to give until it brings you deep consolation and joy.

Among our many giving opportunities, I recommend that you consider first making a commitment to the A-1 Scholarship Fund – one peso a day – or more – for the rest of your life.  Then think about helping scholars.  Or think about establishing professorial chairs.  Yes, it is possible to make a donation for an endowment over time.  And yes, it is possible to give out of the box – as the Spirit blows. 

Finally, I thank all who made last night’s launch of our Fundraising Campaign, More Together, a success.  I thank Ms. Sansan Fernandez and the ADDU Blue Knights’ Association for co-hosting the event.  I thank Mr. Benjie Lizada, chair of the ADDU Board of Trustees and the attending members of the Board, Fr. Tony Basilio, Rector of the Jesuit Community, the members of the ADDU President’s Council, the iCOMMP profis and volunteers, the volunteer ushers, collaborators, performers, Su Doromal for overseeing the dinner, our emcee, Atty. Meong Cabarde, and my Assistant for Fundraising, Ms. Gracielle Tubera.

For ADDU, let us do More Together!

Gratefully in Our Lord,

Fr. Joel




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