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That dry cups be filled with wine

[Homily: Birthday of Mary, Chapel of the Assumption, 8 September 2017] Today is the birthday of Mary. Where many of us for whatever reason may have taken a step away from Mary, on her birthday, I propose we take a … Continue reading

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Walk Humbly with your God

[Address to the ADDU Faculty General Assembly at the Start of SY 2017-18, Finster Hall, June 5, 2017] It is my privilege to welcome you all – from our GS, JHS, SHS, our tertiary –level undergraduate Schools, our Graduate School … Continue reading

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Strength, but not without Shame

[A Reflection on Our Trustworthiness vis-à-vis Muslim Filipinos] In presenting the report of the Peace Council on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to both the Congressional Committee on the BBL led by Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and the Senatorial Committee on … Continue reading

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Cardinal Quevedo: Grieving, Doing Justice, Working for Peace

[Reprinting Orlando Cardinal Quevedo’s “Letter to All Christians” received on March 9, 2015] Fellow Disciples of Christ: Greetings of peace in the Lord! As a Filipino and Mindanawon, I grieve profoundly for our gallant SAF troops who sacrificed their lives … Continue reading

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Professors-for-Peace Statement on Mamasapano and Peace Process

Professors for Peace: Statement on the Mamasapano Incident and the Peace Process February 24, 2015 We, the undersigned academics, teachers, public intellectuals, policy analysts and researchers are issuing this joint statement to call for sobriety and more evidence-based discussion and debate … Continue reading

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Hear Mindanao: Requite Evil with Good

[The “Statement from Mindanao” as enhanced by Orlando Cardinal Quevedo of Cotabato and signed by religious, military, indigenous peoples, and civil service organisation leaders in Mindanao.  Published today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer] We are profoundly saddened and shocked that … Continue reading

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Hear Mindanao: Requite evil with good

[A statement from Mindanao] We are saddened that the congressional deliberations on the Bangsamoro Basic Law have been indefinitely suspended. But we understand, after the tragic events of Mamasapano, the need for reflection. Multi-layered investigations are ongoing. There is need … Continue reading

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