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Towards Defining the Necessary Complementarity Between Public and Private Schools

[Address: CEAP National Convention. Discussion Forum, Members Meeting. SMX Lanang, Davao, September 23, 2014] In the current landscape of multi-layered challenges related with the implementation of the K-12, in the context of gnawing uncertainties concerning the status of our Higher … Continue reading

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Transitions and Challenges in a Changing Environment

[Address: PAASCU General Assembly, 2013] The last time I had the privilege of addressing you, we spoke of PAASCU’s strengths.  And of navigating change. Those strengths are still there: first, our 463 member schools committed to voluntary accreditation represented in strength … Continue reading

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Isagani Cruz: Right on!

In the spiritual life, St. Ignatius of Loyola had a great appreciation for repetition. Repetition was not only useful for getting the obtuse to understand a point. It was useful for promoting spiritual depth. In the murky world of higher … Continue reading

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Implementing the ADDU Vision-Mission Further

[Joint ADDU Faculty Address at Start of School Year, 2013-14] Once again, it is my pleasure at the outset of a new academic year, 2013-14, to greet the assembled faculties of our basic and tertiary education units. It is already … Continue reading

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CMO 46 s. 2012 Violates Academic Freedom of Catholic HEIs

[Address: CEAP Disscussion Forum on CMO 46 s. 2012, Feb. 18, 2013. Edited) CMO 46, s. 2012 violates academic freedom. It violates especially of the academic freedom of private higher education institutions (HEIs), including Catholic HEIs. Since this is a … Continue reading

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Problems in Principle with CHED’s CMO 46, s. 2012 on Quality Assurance

There are HEIs and HEIs. CHED says there are too many. If there are indeed too many, that is a problem of quantity. If there are too many: two things may be done. Stop creating HEIs. Do this based on … Continue reading

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An Unlikely Christmas Gift in CHED’s Spirit of Serendipity

It was during the Region IX consultation in Davao last September 14, that I first made the suggestion that the CHED postpone approval of the proposed Outcomes and Typology Based Quality Assurance Policy (OTBQA) until the upheaval caused by the … Continue reading

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