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The Bypass Passes the Buck to the President

  A bypass is not a knockout.  In the case of a human being, a bypass can save a beating heart. In this case, the human being was Gina Lopez.  The bypass was saving her heart beating for the Philippine … Continue reading

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Our Common Home?

[For Pakighinabi, Manila Times, June 15, 2015] I cannot say that I have completed my study of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, On Care for our Common Home” (LS). But sharing some preliminary reflections on this remarkable document may already … Continue reading

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Encouraging ADDU Research in Academic Freedom

[Address:  2nd ADDU Celebrating of Research, Finster Hall, March 7, 2014] It is truly a great joy for me to participate this evening in this university celebration of research.  Once again, I thank Ms. Bing Chan and the rest of … Continue reading

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