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Continued Prayer for Peace

We continue to pray for peace in Mindanao, Lord, conscious that the journey to lasting peace shall be long and arduous. We thank you for the plebiscite in the Muslim areas of Mindanao which voted overwhelmingly in favor of Bangsamoro … Continue reading

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Walk Humbly with your God

[Address to the ADDU Faculty General Assembly at the Start of SY 2017-18, Finster Hall, June 5, 2017] It is my privilege to welcome you all – from our GS, JHS, SHS, our tertiary –level undergraduate Schools, our Graduate School … Continue reading

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Celebrating God’s Work for Peace: Journeying with the GRP-NDFP in the Continuing Struggle for Peace

[Address to the Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform, Homitory, Davao, Sept. 20, 2016.] Our topic speaks of celebration. In a real sense we come together in celebration. Peace is in the offing. The Duterte administration has not yet reached its 100th-day … Continue reading

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Pressing Peace Legislation

The peace negotiations between the Moro Islamic Liberation Force (MILF) and the Government of the Philippines (GPH) emerged out of a situation of war. It had become clear: the military solution was a non-solution. Some 120,000 Filipinos were killed killing … Continue reading

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Strength, but not without Shame

[A Reflection on Our Trustworthiness vis-à-vis Muslim Filipinos] In presenting the report of the Peace Council on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to both the Congressional Committee on the BBL led by Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and the Senatorial Committee on … Continue reading

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ADDU Graduates for Prosperity and Peace

[Address to the ADDU College Graduates, Matina, March 28, 2015] At yesterday’s Baccalaureate Mass, I spoke about two themes which were suggested to us by Pope Francis; first, that of transcendence; second, that of being missioned to the poor and … Continue reading

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Pushing Muslim Mindanao to Independence?

For all serious participants in the discussion on peace in Mindanao, I have recommended as a “MUST READ” the article of UP Professor Dr. Abraham Sakili entitled “Historical Truth and Bangsamoro Autonomy.” Prof. Sakili summarizes: Factors that cause and sustain … Continue reading

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