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The Academic Role vs. the Merely Academic Role

[Introductory Remarks to the ADMU School of Government’s Academic Conference on “The Future of Mining in the Philippines.” ADMU, SDC, 22 November 2011] In these introductory remarks, I certainly do not want to pre-empt the presentations that are to be … Continue reading

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Again, The Greater Scheme of Things

Address to ADDU HS Faculty 18 November 2011 A fortnight ago, when the semester was still new, I gave an address to the Faculty Summit of the colleges. It was entitled, “The Greater Scheme of Things.” Meanwhile, the semester has … Continue reading

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AddU Board Update 11/12/11

Update on ADDU Board of Trustees’ Meeting of 12 Nov. 2011 In the second regular meeting of the year, the ADDU Board of Trustees came to a better appreciation of the plans of ADDU to build a new 20-storey, 60,000+ … Continue reading

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The Foolish and the Wise

Homily: Wis 6:12-15; Ps 63; Mt. 25: 1-13 Our Gospel today tells the story of ten virgins, five wise and five foolish. They went to meet their, Lord. Five were prepared; they had brought their oil; their lamps were burning. … Continue reading

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The Greater Scheme of Things

Address: ADDU Tertiary Faculty Summit.10/4/11 Welcome back to the second semester! Hopefully, the break afforded you some opportunity to rest, recover strength, and to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends! I hope as well that on the … Continue reading

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