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Laudato Si and the Legal Framework for Environmental Protection and Advocacy in the Philippines

 [Address to Membership Meeting of the National Convention of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, Manila, SMX Mall of Asia, September 29, 2015. My thanks to Atty. Faye Risonar Bello for research and to Bernie Jereza for Powerpoint presentation.] … Continue reading

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Environmental Examination of Conscience

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States was profoundly moving. His address to the Joint Session of the US Congress could have earned hateful jeers for him from rowdy conservatives who dislike Pope Francis’ unabashed advocacy for the poor, the … Continue reading

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Monsod: Bangsamoro is Social Justice

[I thank Atty. Christian S. Monsod, delegate to the Constitutional Convention which produced our 1987 Philippine Constitution, for giving me permission to reproduce his important address to the Mindanao Forum on Peace in Mindanao sponsored by the Interreligious Council of the Philippines, … Continue reading

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Official CEAP Statement: In Your Hands, Peace or Otherwise

10-point Agenda for a Bangsamoro Basic Law The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is proposed today not as ordinary legislation. Crafted to do social justice, it emerges from seventeen years of peace negotiations for Muslim Mindanao. It seeks to rectify past … Continue reading

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Pressing Peace Legislation

The peace negotiations between the Moro Islamic Liberation Force (MILF) and the Government of the Philippines (GPH) emerged out of a situation of war. It had become clear: the military solution was a non-solution. Some 120,000 Filipinos were killed killing … Continue reading

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Secular Schools: inherent limitations?

[Subsequent to my EPQ lecture in Malacañan on “Transformation Education for Social Justice,” (cf: the following question was raised: “Transformative education is, as I understand it, the conscious imparting of values, in addition to knowledge.  In this regard, does … Continue reading

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Transformative Education for Social Justice

[Lecture Celebrating the 125th Birth Anniversary of President Elpidio Quirino, Kalayaan Hall, Malacañang Palace, Sept. 17, 2015] This afternoon I have been asked to share my thoughts with you on transformative education and social justice. I do so with deep … Continue reading

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The legislators want peace?

The legislators don’t seem to want to call it the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) anymore. Both in the House (HB 5811) and the Senate (SB 2894), they are now calling it the Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BLBAR). … Continue reading

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Religious Inclusiveness

Last August 25-29, as tempers in Manila flared because thousands of members of the Iglesia ni Cristo disrupted traffic on EDSA to protest alleged violations of the separation of church and state, student and faculty sections of the Association of … Continue reading

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