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About “Pork”: Integrity will Prevail

[Address in Rizal Park, Davao, on Monday, August 26, contra PDAF corruption] Today we come together as Filipino citizens who believe in the Philippines and believe in one another. We come together with love for our country and love for … Continue reading

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From Pork Barrel to Military Barrel

With the recent announcement by SMI/Xstrata that they were drastically decreasing their current investments in the area, one would have thought that mining related violence would decrease in the area. The opposite is happening. The latest victim: a key leader … Continue reading

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Isagani Cruz: Right on!

In the spiritual life, St. Ignatius of Loyola had a great appreciation for repetition. Repetition was not only useful for getting the obtuse to understand a point. It was useful for promoting spiritual depth. In the murky world of higher … Continue reading

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