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Repent and Believe in the Gospel!

[Homily: Tuesday of the Second Week of Lent, ADDU Chapel] We are still in the season of Lent. You will recall from the words which accompanied the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday the Church’s admonition, “Turn away from sin, … Continue reading

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Team Patay, Team Buhay: Unconscionable

I could not believe what I’d heard. On the occasion of the campaigning of the Liberal Party in Bacolod, the Cathedral was dressed up in anti-RH red (please note: the communists had nothing to do with that!) and a huge … Continue reading

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Lent: Return to God’s Love

When I was a child, the Sisters of the Presentation taught us in school that the Lenten Season was a time of sacrifice. So we were encouraged to make a Lenten resolution, sacrificing this or that, for the love of … Continue reading

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The Dancing Elephant in the Crystal Shop: SMI

I thought the country was looking for a way of doing responsible mining. And that the Aquino administration was serious in pursuing this. There are those, of course, who do not believe that responsible mining is at all possible in … Continue reading

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BY: Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino Dean, Graduate School of Law San Beda College Mendiola, Manila I. The Legal Framework American jurists knew that for academe to thrive and for universities as centers of bold thinking and uncensored research to thrive, … Continue reading

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CMO 46 s. 2012 Violates Academic Freedom of Catholic HEIs

[Address: CEAP Disscussion Forum on CMO 46 s. 2012, Feb. 18, 2013. Edited) CMO 46, s. 2012 violates academic freedom. It violates especially of the academic freedom of private higher education institutions (HEIs), including Catholic HEIs. Since this is a … Continue reading

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CHED’s “Briefer on CMO 46…”

[I am reproducing here CHED’s most recent “Briefer on CMO 46.” It will be considered in further discussions of this contentious CHED Memorandum Order approved on Dec. 10, 2012] LEVERAGING HUMAN CAPITAL FOR DEVELOPMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION … Continue reading

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On Valentine’s Day: Give Love

Whether you associate this day with an early Christian celebration of St. Valentinus who, popular tradition says, was imprisoned for performing weddings forbidden to soldiers, or to customs of courtly love in England in the high middle ages – when … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI, Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day

The news was breathtaking. It did not respect the Bavarian celebration of Fasching, nor did it regard Ash Wednesday. It certainly did not consider Valentine’s Day. On the Feast of our Lady of Lourdes, when Catholics concurrently observed the Day … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church: Between the Sublime and the Ridiculous

To my blog, “Under the RH Law (RA 10354) the Catholic Must Choose” there was quite amount of no-holds-barred response. Some were printed, other texted. Some were thoughtful, others emotional. Some expressed agreement, others admonition. For all, I am grateful, … Continue reading

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