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One Man Should Die for the People

[Homily.  9 April 2022.  Jn 11:45-56.] Our Gospel for today begins right after Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead. It was the seventh of Jesus’ signs or works in the Gospel of John.  Typically a sign manifested who Jesus … Continue reading

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In a VUCA World, “Take Courage, Do Not Be Afraid!”

To Our Students, Prospective Students, and Our Parents: Before the COVID 19 pandemic, there were other pandemics.  When the COVID 19 pandemic finally ends, there will still be pandemics.  It is certain: more pandemics will come.  Uncertain is only how … Continue reading


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They Wanted to Kill Him, but His Time Had Not Yet Come

[Homily.  Friday, 4th Week of Lent, First Friday. April 1, 2022.] Our Gospel opens as the Feast of the Tabernacles is about to take place.  This was the joyful annual week-long celebration of how Yahweh took care of his people … Continue reading

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